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Miyoko's Creamery is amazing! Their vegan cheese is cultured the similarly to cheese from dairy. The taste and texture is as close as I've had to the real thing.

Written by by @peter on October 4th • Likes (7)

These vegan friendly “meat” balls from IKEA. Are one of my favorites. They are slightly sweeter than most vegetable balls but have a great consistency. Makes for a great meatball sandwich!

Written by by @peter on October 18th • Likes (4)

Don’t be fooled by “parmesan” on the label. This is a certified vegan food. I’m not sure how Enjoy Life got the parmesan flavor without actual parmesan but it doesn’t matter because these are so good!

Written by by @peter on December 5th • Likes (4)

These make really great grilled “cheese” sandwiches.

Written by by @peter on December 8th • Likes (5)

This is a really great vegan friendly pizza.

Written by by @peter on October 1st • Likes (5)