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  • Milk - Not vegan if derived from an animal. Check the ingredients.
  • Eggs - This product contains egg in one form or another. Not vegan friendly.

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  • Gluten - Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in different forms of wheat.
  • Eggs - May contain gluten if used as an ingredient. Some foods add wheat based batter to eggs.

Possibly Vegetarian

This product appears to be sold in more non-English speaking countries. The Vegetarian grade may be inaccurate.

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Ingredients: Canasta: Galleta (85%) (hari y indigotina antes (BHA BHD), Relleno (15%) (azu es (BHA, BHT)). Cuadro: Galleta (85%) (hari saborizantes artificiales, colorantes artificiales: tartrazina ( amarillo 5), amarillo ocaso F es (BHA, BHT), Relleno (15%) (azúcar, gr s (BHA, BHD). Golf cubierto: Galleta (57%) (harina de da, huevo, leche descremada en polvo, mal saborizantes artificiales, colorantes artificiales: tartrazina Relleno (9.696) (grasa vegetal, leche entera en polvo, maltodextrina, saborizante artificial, sal yodada, sabor y antioxidantes (BHA, BHT), cobertura (33.4%) Galleta Crema: Harina de tr mada en polvo, huevo, maltodextrina, harina de soya, a saborizantes aruficiales, antioxidantes tartrazina (amarillo 5), amailo ocaso FCF (amarillo 6). Bocado de dama: Galleta (harina de trigo, huevo, azúcar, o monocálcico y saborizantes artificiales), Cobertura s de lo n de (azúcar). Galleta Leche: Harina de trigo xidantes (BHA, BHT) y colorante artifici illo ocaso FCF llo ocaso FCF (amarillo 6), saborizantes art todextrina, cacahuate, saborizante a HA y BHD Natta: Relleno (68%) (Grasa veg (BHA, BHT), Galleta (3296) (Har enada, leche entera en polvo, azúcar, mal oya, bicarbonato de amonio F (amarillo 6), Colombin a: Relleno (58%) Nata (grasa vegetal hidrogenada, leche maltodextrina, cacahuate, saborizante a dantes (BHA, BHT)), Fresa (az rico y antioxidantes (BHA, BHT), Galleta (42%) (harina de t sabori artificial y antioxidantes (BHA, BHT), G a (azul 2), bicarbonato de amonio, sal y colorantes artificiales: tartrazina bicarbonato de sodio). Medallón: Galleta arbonato de sodio, bicarbonat ico, lecitina de soya, saborizant artificiales: tartrazina (amarillo 5), amarillo ocaso FCF (amarillo 6) y a cacahuate, (BHA, BHT), Relleno (17%) (az leche y antioxidantes (BHA, BHT).

Allergens: Cacahuates, Coco, Eggs, Gluten, Milk, Soybeans, Tartrazinas

Please take necessary precautions if you have allergies to any of the listed ingredients. Allergens are italicized in the ingredients.

Nutrition Label As sold for 100 g / 100 ml As sold per serving (3 galletas 30 g)
Serving Size 3 galletas 30 g
Energy 19900 (kJ) 596 (kJ)
Fat 200 (g) 6 (g)
Saturated Fat 0 (g) 0 (g)
Carbohydrates 633 (g) 19 (g)
Sugars 267 (g) 8 (g)
Fiber 66.7 (g) 2 (g)
Proteins 100 (g) 3 (g)
Salt 5.5 (mg) 0.165 (mg)
Sodium 2.17 (g) 0.065 (g)
Calcium 0.667 (% DV) 0.02 (% DV)
Iron 0.036 (% DV) 0.001 (% DV)
Nova Group 4 4
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  • Brands: Mac Ma

  • Countries: Mexico

  • Keywords: Ciudad, De, Galleta, Kmd, Limpia, Mac Ma, Manten, Mexico, Reciclable, Seleccione, Surtido, Tu

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