Attribution Guidelines

By using our API you must provide attribution to our database wherever you display our data. See the Terms for more information.

Please contact us if you have special circumstances or if you would like to provide attribution differently than the methods listed below.

Attribution Methods

Provide attribution as a link on your website or web app.

1. Paste this inside the <head> section of your website or web app.

<script src=""></script>

2. Copy and paste the snippet in the "Code" column directly where you want the attribution link to be displayed.

Code Display
<div id="chomp-attribute" data-color="secondary"></div>
Powered by Chomp
<div id="chomp-attribute" data-color="dark"></div>
Powered by Chomp
<div id="chomp-attribute" data-color="primary"></div>
Powered by Chomp
<div id="chomp-attribute" data-color="success"></div>
Powered by Chomp
<div id="chomp-attribute" data-color="danger"></div>
Powered by Chomp
<div id="chomp-attribute" data-color="warning"></div>
Powered by Chomp
<div id="chomp-attribute" data-color="info"></div>
Powered by Chomp

Provide attribution by displaying our logo.

Copy and paste the snippet in the "Code" column directly where you want the attribution logo to be displayed.

Code Display
<a href="" title="Powered by Chomp"><img src=""></a>

We understand that each project is unique and you may not be able to provide attribution as detailed above. That's no problem!

Generally, we ask that you provide a link to our website ( and a message that lets your users know that the data they are seeing comes from us.

Please get in touch and request permission to give credit a different way.


We aren't extremely strict on how you provide attribution as long as you get permission beforehand. The most important thing that we look for is that you make it clear that we're powering the data that's being displayed and that there's a link back to our website (

1. Text Link

2. Logo